Calca, Cuzco Mission Overview 2010

In continuation with the programming and the objectives established by PADA, the majority of our joint work focused again on the town of Huama, Calca Provence in Cusco taking place May 17-21, 2010. The primary intent of our work is based on the promotion and prevention of oral health care with lectures demonstrating the importance of caring for dental health as well as the implementation fluoride varnishes. The mission team consisted of Dr. Ruth Drago, Dr. Marlene Thompson, Dr. Mery Mayorga, 10 dental students from Loma Linda University in California, 9 dental professionals from Cusco, and 1 dental student from Cayento Heredia University in Lima, Peru. The mission team was very well received and greatly appreciated by the community. We hope to continue dental health care in this area, since it is difficult for community members to access dental health care services for reasons such as cost and distance.

Services rendered: Sealants, TRA, Simple Extractions, and full mouth debridements.


The work performed in Huama by PADA was well accepted by the whole community. The participation of students, teachers, and other authorities was dynamic, but for the most part students and children were mostly attended.

Huama authorities, in collaboration with Dr. Marlene Thompson and Dr. Mery Mayorga, set out to donate a venue to place an oral health care module in the Huama community, which will be evaluated and approved by PADA


  • Continue with the dental service provided to Huama and surrounding towns
  • Accept and begin the legalization of the venue awarded by the authorities of Huama for the dental module