Cuzco Mission Overview 2007

This mission was carried out in the towns of Calca Provence in Cuzco, specifically Chumpe, San Salvador, Lamay and Huama (the tourist zone of the Sacred Valley of the Incas) on June 11 – 15, 2007. The mission team was formed by 10 local and U.S. oral health care professionals, as well as volunteers and 12 students from the National University of San Antonio Abad de Cusco. It is important to note that in addition to the standard dental procedures, atraumatic restorative treatment (ART), dental sealants, and direct restorations were also performed.

PADA has planned to install a complete dental unit with equipment, instruments, and supplies in Huama under community supervision and implement a convention with the National University of San Antonio Abad de Cusco for internship programming and management.

The following are the results of the Cuzco Mission:

 Location Fluoride Applications Dental Consultations Dental Extractions Dental Sealants A.R.T Total Patients Seen
Chumpe 187 58 28 68 ----  255
San Salvador 9 137 67 136 ---- 137
 Lamay 38 91 21 ---- 29 267
 Huama 238 238 39 244 55 244
 Total 472 524 155 448 84 803


Dr. Wilmer Yabar
Dr. Felipe Santiago Laquihuanaco Loza
Dr. Betsy Apaza
Vianne Huaman Baca
Soronaida Cama Cusi
Flor de Maria Rodríguez Mendoza
Gabriela Zecenarro Rojas
Dr. Rosalin Escalante Zegarra

Dr. Carlos Chavez
Dr. Oscar Pineda
Vanesa Latorre Paz
Gladis Romoacca Cazas
Wendy Arzubialde Caviedes
Mery Mayorga Madrid
Diana Torres
Arturo Flores Loayza

Dr. Giscard Rodriguez
Dr. David Elguera
Maribel Hurtado Nunez
Elizabeth Moya Montesinos
Jenny Reynoso Zavallos
Lina Maritza Laquihuanaco Coarita
Yolanda Marquez
Marianela Tueros Loayza





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