Puno Mission Overview 2011

This dental mission took place in the district of Tirapata in the Huancane Province of Puno on September 3, 2011. Many institutions were present, including the regional government of Puno, the Peruvian military, the Ministry of Women’s Rights and Human development, Solaris, the Ministry of Health, Essalud, the national police, and the civil defense. Each institution set-up health tents around the Arms Plaza in the District of Tirapata.

Our mission group, the Marina de Guerra Organization and the Chijnaya Foundation, provided two tents, which were divided into medical and dental stations. Although many of the institutions were providing dental treatment, our mission group was the only one providing dental fillings.

The following are the results of the Puno Mission:

 Services Rendered Marina de Guerra Chijnaya Foundation Total Patients Seen
 Prophylaxis 3 1 4
 Fluoride Application 18 2 20
 Extractions 20 2 31
 Fillings 0 25 25
 Total 50 30 80




Dr. Besty Chirinos Zegarra
Dr. Mirella Soto Cardenas
Dr. Maria del Carmen Aragon

Dr. Sandra Vidango Flores
Dr. Ismael Mezarina de la Cueva
David Cajo Cosavalente



The Chijnaya Foundation and Marina de Guerra Organization